I seek to create jewellery and artefacts which represent themes dear to me – and which bring pleasure and joy when worn or owned.

For me it is about balance and form, often sculptural, and introducing movement, contrasting textures and colour. To achieve this I apply different techniques to silver, a wonderfully maleable metal and combine it with complimentary objects from an eclectic and ongoing collection I have been gathering over the years. There is a story surrounding each item and these memories are inevitably woven into the finished piece.

I learned my craft in Mexico with teachers from the silver-mining town of Taxco, short courses at West Dean and the Cass College in London and currently attending the Silver Work Bench, a workshop here in Herefordshire, where I have been living for the last ten years. I learn and gain experience with every new project – it is always a challenge to bring each new piece to life and see it as I have visualized it.

My work designing costumes for theatre and film and being exposed to various methods of working while living in different countries, especially my twenty years in Mexico have been a strong influence.

I have exhibited in Mexico, Kathmandu, France, Spain and here in the UK and have pieces in private collections internationally.