I am influenced by all I see and feel around me. One particular element, often chosen from an ongoing collection over the years, is the beginning of the journey with each new piece I create and the accompanying materials are chosen as the design takes shape. I sometimes work from a drawing but usually by putting these materials together in various ways until I achieve the idea I have in mind. As the piece progresses, it takes on a life of its own unless, as can happen, it is evident from the start and things fall into place automatically. Balance is key – and colour, texture and movement are what I seek to introduce. Silver is at the core of my work and no element is taboo if I can ‘weave’ it in. It is about creating a unique, personal object – often sculptural – which I hope will bring pleasure to the wearer/owner. Jewellery comes alive when it is worn and enjoyed

My work designing costumes for theatre and film and being exposed to various methods of working while living in different countries, especially my twenty years in Mexico have been a strong influence.

I have exhibited in Mexico, Kathmandu, France, Spain and here in the UK and have pieces in private collections internationally.