My work is essentially personal and there is a meaning, a reason behind each piece I produce, it is the way I express myself.I have always collected stones, shells, objects strewn on beeches, in fields, in shops and markets, and fabric that grabs my attention and then exploring the way the silver merges with these elements – sculpting them into experiences and dreams. When I begin a new piece my focus is on how to fashion it as I visualise the finished work and how it will sit on the body. How to make a piece 'work' is often a mini-engineering job, throwing up new and exciting challenges ... I invariably fall in love with my current project during the working process.

Figures also form part of my repertoire, as you'll see from my marionettes – this maybe a natural step from when I was designing costumes and making accessories for the theatre, opera and film.


I learnt my craft with jewellers from Taxco, a silver-mining town in Mexico, and the John Cass College in London, and have lived and worked in Mexico, Nepal, Spain, France and England – all of which have informed and influenced my work in different ways. Now it is the beautiful and truly awesome countryside in Herefordshire.......